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Jessica Hausner, Anna Serner and Agnieszka Holland. Photo: coop99, Per Myrehed, @Jacek Poremba

50/50 by 2020 – Global Reach, seminar at the Cannes Film Market

The Swedish Film Institute and WIFT Nordic, along with the Cannes Film Market, proudly present a seminar on how gender equality in filmmaking is being achieved by important gatekeepers. Special guests Agnieszka Holland and Jessica Hausner will discuss filmmaking and equality with Anna Serner.

Equality in film funding has become a key factor for the success of Swedish film, both at festivals and the box office – with no quotas. Norway, Canada and Ireland are now implementing similar strategies.

At the seminar 50/50 by 2020 – Global Reach, the Swedish Film Institute's CEO Anna Serner will moderate a discussion on gender equality in film and the obstacles still to overcome with directors Agnieszka Holland and Jessica Hausner. This discussion will be followed by presentations from James Hickey, CEO of the Irish Film Board, Sindre Guldvog, CEO of the Norwegian Film Institute, Lydia Dean Pilcher, US independent producer, and Michèle Maheux, Executive Director/COO of Toronto International Film Festival.

Saturday 20 May, 2-4pm, Palais K, Palais des Festival
Cannes Film Festival market or press accreditation required

– Change-making requires energy, and I am convinced this seminar will give participants the burst of energy they need to put thoughts into action. I really hope decision-makers around the world take this opportunity to learn how to push for gender equality in order to achieve higher quality, stated Anna Serner.

– Sweden is a small country, but when it comes to gender equality in the film business, we come in at the top and serve as a role model for the rest of the world. It is an honour to be an inspiration to others and to share our knowledge at the Cannes Film Festival, stated Helene Granqvist, President of WIFT Nordic.

The Swedish Film Institute's action plan 50/50 by 2020: Gender equality in film production, both in front of and behind the camera, was presented at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. Download the action plan here>>

The gender equality work carried out by the Swedish Film Institute has received considerable international attention and inspired similar organisations, such as BFI and Eurimages, as well as generating significant press coverage, for example in:
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