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Still from Vox Limpoma. A Film by Jane Magnusson and Liv Strömquist.

Three Swedish shorts to compete at Sundance

Three Swedish films have been selected for the official International Short Film section at this year’s Sundance. In addition there are two Swedish co-productions competing in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition. All of the above films are directed by women.

2017 has been a record year for Swedish shorts at international film festivals. This most recent announcement unveils that three Swedish short films will compete in the official International Short Film category at Sundance: Vox Lipoma, The Burden and The Turk Kiosk. All three funded by the Swedish Film Institute short film commissioner Andreas Fock.

Vox Lipoma by Jane Magnusson and Liv Strömquist is an animated film included in the Bergman Revisited initiative, with screenplay by Liv Strömquist, and delves into an elusive birthmark on Ingmar Bergman’s cheek.

The Burden is Niki Lindroth von Bahr’s animated post-apocalyptic musical, which has already competed at Cannes and won numerous prizes at both Swedish and international film festivals.

The Turk Kiosk by Bahar Pars is the second part of her short film trilogy on racism, and tells the tale of a woman who speaks out at her job, rocking the entire office. The film is currently screening in Sweden on SVT Play along with her first short film, Ghetto Swedish, from 2015.

Additionally, two Swedish co-productions will compete in the official World Cinema Dramatic Competition section, as announced by Sundance last week.

Swedish filmmaker Isabella Eklöf has directed Danish-Dutch-Swedish co-production Holiday, a gangster drama set in the Turkish holiday town of Bodrum. The production company is Common Ground Pictures.   

Icelandic-Swedish-Belgian co-production And Breathe Normally by director Ísold Uggadóttir is set in Iceland, and is the story of an unlikely friendship between two women. The Swedish producer is Annika Hellström for Cinenic Film.

Yet another Swedish element is provided by Gustav Möller who is the director of the Danish film The Guilty