Archival Film Collections

SFI Laboratory Rotebro

When the last full-scale commercial photochemical laboratory in Sweden folded in 2011, the Swedish Film Institute decided to set up its own operation in Rotebro.

The main reason for setting up our own photochemical laboratory was to be able to continue with analogue duplication of films in our own collections, especially films still only existing on nitrate stock. But we also offer services to external clients, who want to have duplication, restoration, grading and processing of analogue films carried out.

Our services

• Optical printing
• Duplication and grading of 16mm and 35mm – b/w and colour
• Blow-ups from 16mm to 35mm
• Processing of 16mm and 35mm – colour positives and b/w negatives and positives

Photo: Mark Standley

Don't hesitate to contact us regarding analogue duplication, restoration, grading or processing!

Other services

We also offer other film-related services, such as cleaning and film repair. We also have storage space for external clients to rent.

Laboratory services

External storage

Markus Blomfeldt