Evin Ahmad and Rojda Sekersöz. Photo: Duhok International Film Festival

Double win for Beyond Dreams

Swedish Rojda Sekersöz’s feature film debute Beyond Dreams (Dröm vidare) was awarded with the Golden Leaf for Best film at the Duhok’s International Film Festival – the most significant film festival in Kurdistan. The film’s lead actress Evin Ahmad was also awarded with the Silver leaf as Best Actress.

Motivations of the jury:

Best Female Actor
Lively, touching and powerful, she plays a young girl, torn between two worlds. She carries the film by expressing a great spectre of feelings – courage, hope, fear, despair, joy, friendship and hatred – in a convincing way.
The price for Best Female Actor goes to Evin Ahmad (Beyond Dreams)

Best Film
It is the story of a young woman who wants to get out of her precarious life on the edge of society in order to help her sick mother and young sister. She is torn between the loyality to an all-female gang of friends, who want to keep up a lifestyle of petty crime and escapism, and the need to assimilate to the demands of an exploitative job in a hotel.
This story of courage and failure through no fault of her own is told from the perspective of the young woman, who is portrayed in an unsentimental but emphatic way. The film is at the same time tough and funny, the almost all-women-cast is directed brilliantly, the cinematography is excellent and the story moves forward at a fast pace.
A very impressive achievement, politically relevant and highly entertaining.
The prize for Best Film goes to Beyond Dreams.