Photo: Johan Bergmark

New talent - Evin Ahmad

Evin Ahmad. Theatre, film and her own writing projects. Evin Ahmad does it all. In Rojda Sekersöz's feature Beyond Dreams she plays Mirja, who is released from prison only to face new difficulties.

Twenty-year-old Mirja wants to break free of her past and the gang she has
grown up with – to feel free, and because her family needs her. But when she doesn't have the guts to stand up for what she wants, she has to lead a double life instead. This is the premise for the emotional everyday drama Beyond Dreams (Dröm vidare, 2017), which features Evin Ahmad in the lead role. "It was important to me to make Mirja credible and complex. Not to get stuck in a stereotype. Violence, women and the suburbs tend to be romanticized, but  that's not what this film is about," she says. 

Evin Ahmad made her screen debut in the feature One Eye Red (Ett öga
rött, 2007) at the age of 16. She went on to study at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and now works for Folkteatern in Gothenburg, along with working on her own projects. In 2014 she produced the acclaimed autobiographical one-woman show Bangaren, which toured to several major Swedish theatres.
"I actually loved being alone on stage, not having to relate to anyone else. Yes, it was scary, but an amazing thing to do. I realized the power I have! I can say anything I like, and I have an audience that listens."
As an actor and creator, what's the most important thing for you to achieve?
"I want to make an impact in some way. It's important that the now, what's
going on around us, is there as well."

This text by Jenny Damberg first appeared in Swedish Film #1 2017