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Bio Victor publik
Bio Victor. Photo: Christopher Mair


We have two cinemas, Bio Victor and Bio Mauritz, equipped with audio and visual state of the art equipment, digital as well as analogue. We can show 16 mm, Power Points, 70 mm, 4K 3D and everything in between.

Bio Victor

Seats 364 people. Welved canvas, maximum size: 12,7 X 6,65 m, 70mm (12,10 X 5,17), CS (11,70 X 4,90)

Bio Mauritz

Seats: 130 people
Canvas: maximum size: 7,50 x 3,50 metres, CS 6,12 x 2,60 metres

Booking enquiries and other questions
Please contact Jerry Axelsson.
Tel: +46 (0)8-665 12 53, e-mail:
Technical queries?
You are welcome to contact our technical staff directly: Tel: +46(0)8-665 11 70, e-mail: