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Company lawyer Elisabeth Bill

Elisabeth Bill has been a company lawyer for the Swedish Film Institute since 1 March 2013.

Foto: Sonny Mattsson

Elisabeth joined the Swedish Film Institute from the Swedish Ministry of Culture, where her role included negotiating the 2013 Film Agreement. Prior to that she was on the staff of the Ministry of Justice in 2002-2009 where she worked on copyright issues, both in national legislation and negotiations at EU and UN level. Elisabeth’s previous roles have included legal counsel for KRO – the Swedish Artists’ National Organization and lawyer at the Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden. Elisabeth has experience from many legal and cultural political areas. She has participated in several government reports as an expert and specialist, including the Upphovsrättsutredningen (2008–2011) copyright report and the SLBA-utredningen (2002–2004) report on the state’s audio and image archive. Elisabeth is also a member of the research department for media law at Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law (SCCL). 

Elisabeth graduated in law in 1991 and also holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) from London University specialising in intellectual property law and media law. Elisabeth was born in 1967.

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