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Alba August. Photo: Erik Molberg Hansen

Alba August for European Shooting Star 2018

The European Film Promotion Jury has selected Alba August as one of the 10 European Shooting Stars for 2018. Alba August plays Astrid Lindgren in Becoming Astrid, due for release next year.

‘I am ecstatic, excited and thankful! I have always considered Berlin to be one of the most inspiring places for film and theatre. I visited the Berlin International Film Festival last year to see my friend’s short My Gay Sister, and was impressed by just how many talented, passionate film industry people were involved in the festival. The festival focuses on important stories. It is no small thing that I have now been invited to the festival, in particular considering that Astrid Lindgren has played such a major role in German cultural life. This is a chance few are granted, a chance I will take advantage of,’ Alba August stated.

Alba August has been selected as one of the most interesting, promising actors in Europe at the moment. Over the course of the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival, the 10 Shooting Stars will be presented in various contexts to highlight European actors and to promote new international connections. 

Jury’s Motivation:

With an abundance of intuition and curiosity, Alba won over the jury with her convincing portrayal of the real-life writer, Astrid Lindgren, in Becoming Astrid, ably depicting her from an early age. Alba's performance on screen is as sensible and deep as it is unpredictable, imbuing the character with an inner life that allows us to explore the woman behind the writer.

Prior Swedish Shooting Stars include Karin Franz Körlof (2017), Bill Skarsgård (2012), Alicia Vikander (2011) and Tuva Novotny (2002), an honour they share with the likes of Carey Mulligan (2009) and Daniel Craig (2000).

Alba August has previous acted in films including Reliance (2013) and Irl (2013), in addition to Danish thriller series Below the Surface (2017). In addition to playing the leading role in Pernille Fischer Christensen’s Becoming Astrid, she will be filming The Rain, Netflix’s first Scandinavian original series, over the course of next year.