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Sámi Blood, directed by Amanda Kernell, winner of the Fedeora for Best Young Director at the 2016 Venice Film Festival. Photo: Oskar Östergren

Press FAQ

Here you will find most answers to frequently asked questions.

I'd like to get in contact with Sweden's leading film festivals. What should I do?
All Swedish film festivals that have received funding from the Film Institute are listed under the International pages.

What funding does the Film Institute provide, and how are decisions made?
Find most answers on our Funding page.

Which Swedish films are currently in production?
Find a list here.

How do I make contact with a specific Swedish actor?
Find out which film the actor last took part in and the company that made the film. Contact either the film's distributor or its production company. You'll find information about films in The Swedish Film Database. You can also contact that actor's agent.

How can I find information about a specific Swedish film/director?
Search The Swedish Film Database. Some other databases with useful information: The Swedish Media Database The Internet Movie Database Also check the the international department pages for updated information on Swedish films touring the festivals.

How do you go about seeing an old film from the Archival Film Collections?
You can request to see a film at Cinemateket by sending an email to

I want a picture of a specific actor.
You can order pictures from the Film Institute's stills archive by email

How can I join the mailing list for press releases?
Enter our Press Room and click "Follow".

How long is the film commissioners' mandate period?
Three years, which may be extended for a limited period.

I want to know all about Ingmar Bergman! Help me!
Find all the answers about Ingmar Bergman at Ingmar Bergman Face to Face. You can also visit Bergman Center.

For all other questions, please contact Press Officer Per Perstrand or Head of Press Jan Göransson.