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Here you find most answers about the Swedish Film Institute and what we do.

I have a screenplay I'd like to get filmed. How do I go about it?

Only Swedish producers can apply for funding. For a co-production, first get in touch with a Swedish producer. The producer then contacts one of the Swedish Film Institute's film commissioners to apply for funding.

You might also want to check out our international promotion magazine Swedish Film. Producers are listed in the pages at the back.

What funding does the Film Institute provide, and how are decisions made?

Find most answers on our Funding page.

Where can I find information about fundings from the EU MEDIA Programme?

Contact Ulrika Nisell at ulrika.nisell@filminstitutet.se at MEDIA Desk Sweden.

Which Swedish films are currently in production?

Contact Sweden's three main film production centres: Film i VästFilmpool Nord and Film i Skåne. 

How can I find information about a specific Swedish film/director?

Here are some databases with useful information: 

The Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images 
The Internet Movie Database

Also check the the international department pages for updated information on Swedish films touring the festivals.

How do you go about seeing a film from the Archival Film Collections?

You can request to see a film at Cinemateket by sending an email to cinemateket@filminstitutet.se.

You can also pay for the hire of a theatre in Filmhuset

How can I join the mailing list for the Swedish Film Institute's press releases?

Contact Martin Frostberg martin.frostberg@filminstitutet.se or Jan Göransson jan.goransson@filminstitutet.se to get your name on the list.

How can I find the Film Institute's logo?

Contact Ida Kjellgren. E-mail: ida.kjellgren@filminstitutet.se

How long is the film commissioners' mandate period?

Three years, which may be extended for a limited period.

I want to know all about Ingmar Bergman! Help me!

Find all the answers about Ingmar Bergman at Ingmar Bergman Face to Face. You can also visit Bergman Week.

Is there any film club that screens older films?

Yes, our own Cinematheque. Daily screenings in Göteborg, Malmö and Stockholm.