Swedish Film Institute

Invoices to the Swedish Film Institute

Registered no: 802004-1748
Bankgiro: 331-1008

IBAN: SE4080000832799642636725

Swedish Film Institute
Box 7016
831 07 Östersund

PEPPOL invoices 

Ideally, please send us your eInvoices via the PEPPOL network to our electronic address: 0007:8020041748.

PDF invoices

Standard suppliers who do not work under official public procurement may email PDF invoices to pdfinvoice@filminstitutet.se

The invoice and any appendices must all be in the same PDF file, otherwise they will be interpreted as separate invoices. Please attach only one PDF file per email. Please see ‘Paper invoices’ below for the address that must appear on the invoice.


VAN operator/invoice exchange: OpusCapita
EDI address: 8020041748

Paper invoices

The Swedish Film Institute would prefer invoices to be sent in electronic format, but if this is not possible please send paper invoices to to address for invoices.

Reference number

A four-figure reference number (the employment number of the ordering party) must be stated on all invoices.

Please ensure that the invoice shows clear information regarding what the charges relate to, e.g. a contract number if one exists. If you have any questions, please contact ekonomi@filminstitutet.se

Payment terms

Our policy is to pay all supplier invoices within 30 days.