Swedish Film Institute

Communications & PR

The Communications & PR department has a comprehensive and strategic responsibility for the Swedish Film Institute's external and internal communications. The department also includes the Strategic Intelligence & Statistics unit.

Director of Communications & PR is Mia Enayatollah. 

The department's externally-focused work covers the following areas: 


The Film Institute's press officers provide a constant flow of information and news about Swedish film to the Swedish and international media. They also arrange press meetings, often in conjunction with the spring and autumn premieres of major feature films.


The Communications & PR department produces www.filminstitutet.se. In addition, the Communications Department & PR is responsible for the organization's work with social media.

Strategic Intelligence & Statistics

The unit Strategic Intelligence & Statistics analyses trends in cinema visits and film consumption in Sweden and the rest of the world. Their findings can be found in the statistics section of our website, and in the annual publication Facts and Figures.