Swedish Film Institute

Communications & PR

The Communications & PR department has overriding and strategic responsibility for the Swedish Film Institute’s external and internal communication, analyses and insights relating to Swedish film. It is responsible for the Filminstitutet.se and Guldbaggen.se websites, and for the Film Institute’s social media channels. The Swedish Film Institute’s promise is: “Together, we enable more people to create, experience and be enriched by film and moving pictures.” Within the framework of this, Communications & PR is also active in managing contacts with the wider society and acts as an opinion leader.

Director of Communications & PR is Mia Enayatollah

The Communications & PR department’s field of activity includes:

Recurring events

All year round, the Swedish Film Institute communicates news and information about Swedish film to the Swedish and international media. Recurring events include press conferences regarding the upcoming spring and autumn film releases, as well as perhaps the biggest event in the Swedish film calendar: the annual Guldbagge Awards Ceremony.

Analyses & Statistics

As part of its government remit, the Swedish Film Institute analyzes developments in film production and film consumption in Sweden, as well as the place of film in the media and in wider society. Statistics and analyses are published at filminstitutet.se and in various reports.

Information material

The Swedish Film Institute produces a large volume of information material every year, from leaflets and brochures to more in-depth reports. Examples of annual reports for which the Communications & PR department is responsible include financial reports, Facts & Figures, and the Gender Equality Report.

The Swedish Film Institute’s public operations

Communications & PR is responsible for increasing knowledge of the Swedish Film Institute’s public services Cinemateket/The Cinematheque, Film Forum and The Library.