Swedish Film Institute

Film Heritage

The Film Heritage department is Sweden's national film archive. We ensure that films and film-related materials are preserved and made accessible for current and future generations. The department is made up of Library, Film Archive and Rotebro Filmservice.

Director of Film Heritage is Mathias Rosengren.


The Film Institute library is the only specialist film library in Sweden. The library is open to everyone, and registered borrowers can enjoy the collection of more than 50,000 film books and more than 1,000 film journals.  The library also holds a manuscript collection with thousands of original Swedish manuscripts and a wealth of personal and company-related film documents. One of the library's most important functions is as a research resource, and it works in partnership with the Stockholm University subsidiary library for Film Studies to meet the needs of students and those conducting research. Situated in Filmhuset in Stockholm, the library also comprises a major stills and poster archive.

Library Manager is Mats Skärstrand.

The Film Archive

The Swedish Film Institute is justly proud to be the keeper of one of the world's oldest film archives. It comprises more than 21,000 Swedish and foreign titles, virtually all the films that have ever been screened at Swedish cinemas. The archive maintains a dialogue with researchers, and works together with the Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images to collect, catalogue, preserve, restore and make accessible Sweden's film heritage.
There is also a web site, www.filmarkivet.se where archive films are available to stream for free.

Film Archive Manager is Lotte Edsbrand.

Accessible Film Heritage

The job of Accessible Film Heritage is to make the Swedish film heritage accesible – from both a quantitative and curated perspective – focusing primarily on the films themselves. The unit lends films from both the analogue and digital film collections to cinemas, festivals, cinematheques and other screening bodies in Sweden and globally, and is responsible for the Swedish Film Institute’s distribution of digitized Swedish film for Swedish cinemas. The unit also deals with film rights for the SFI, coordinates the selection of the Swedish film heritage for digitization, runs the free archive service Filmarkivet.se alongside the National Library of Sweden, and produces exhibitions. Accessible Film Heritage works closely with companies and organizations representing different viewing platforms – such as cinemas, streaming, TV, DVD and the school system – in Sweden and internationally.

Accessible Film Heritage Manager is Lova Hagerfors.