Swedish Film Institute

The Management Group

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Anna Croneman, CEO

Anna CronemanAnna Croneman was Head of Drama at Sveriges Television (SVT) prior to joining The Swedish Film Institute and has previously worked at the production company Avanti Film, where she was one of the founders. Anna has produced a large number of films and TV series. She has been a member of the Board at the Swedish Film Institute and Swedish Film & TV Producers. She is trained as a producer at the Swedish Institute of Dramatic Art.

Mathias Rosengren, Deputy CEO and Head of Film Heritage

Mathias Rosengren has worked at the Swedish Film Institute since 2002, first in press communications and as a project manager, then as Head of IT and Director of Administration Department. Prior to joining the Institute Mathias Rosengren was film editor of Bibel magazine, programme manager of the Popcorn Film Festival and a researcher for TV1000 and the Modern Times Group.
Mathias Rosengren has a degree in Information Systems from Umeå University.

Michael Blomqvist, Head of Property

Michael BlomqvistMichael Blomqvist has worked with property development and property management both in Sweden and internationally for 25 years. He has worked in positions as property managers, property developer and director of properties at the National Property Board and the Swedish Parliament. Michael has a masters degree in Civil Engineering

Danial Brännström, Head of Cinemateket

Danial Brännström started working at the Swedish Film Institute in 2001. During 2019 and 2020 he was responsible for the Film Institute’s digital strategy. Before Danial Brännström started working at the Film Institute he studied film within the programme of Humanities at Stockholm University.

Monica Swärd, acting head of communications

Monica Swärd Photo Pelle T NilssonMonica Swärd has more than 20 years of experience in communication and marketing. She has mainly worked in banking and insurance and has been responsible for branding issues. Monica has an education from the Berghs School of Communication.

Åsa Wahlström, Head of Human Resources

Åsa Wahlström has 20 years of experience in HR work, both as HR Manager and as an HR Consultant via her own company. She has worked in a variety of industries, in companies of different sizes, and in diverse areas of collective agreement. Most recently, she worked in the hospitality industry, where she was the HR Manager at one of Sweden's largest privately-owned entertainment groups. Åsa Wahlström has a degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences from Stockholm University. She has also studied Business Administration, Political Science and Labour Law.

Jonas Westberg, Head of Finance

Jonas Westberg Foto Pelle T NilssonJonas Westberg has worked at Arla with financial control and business planning as a consultant. He has also worked as Finance Manager with overall responsibility for the finance function at a distributor within grocery trade and has had various positions in the public sector as well, at the Swedish Forest Board and the County Administrative Board of Västernorrland.