Swedish Film Institute

Organizational Support

The department of Organizational Support covers all aspects of the Swedish Film Institute's operations. The department is divided into three units: Finance, IT and Buildings. The department also includes Human Resources and the Film Institute's registry.

Head of Organizational Support is Maria Ekdahl


The Finance unit deals with wages, agreements, purchasing, rights and royalties. It supports the various departments in terms of budget and performance evaluation.

Finance Manager: Maria Ekdahl.


The Swedish Film Institute Foundation owns the Filmhuset building on Borgvägen in Stockholm. The Film Institute shares Filmhuset with other film/arts companies and organisations which rent parts of the building.

Buildings Manager: Johan Eek.


The IT unit is responsible for the operation, support and development of the Film Institute's IT environment.

IT Manager: Malin Cederfjärd.

Human Resources 

The Swedish Film Institute's Human Resources department deals with all personnel matters, such as recruitment, induction, employment law and working environment issues.

Human Resources Manager: Johanna Blückert


The Registry receives incoming mail and is responsible for the Film Institute's diary functions.

Information Manager: Sara Nordlund.
Registry Manager: Anna Frick.