Swedish Film Institute

Our logotype

The logotype of the Swedish Film Institute may be used by projects and activities that have received funding from the Film Institute. It must be clearly stated that the Swedish Film Institute has approved funding. It may not say that the Film Institute is a co-organizer of the project.

How to use the logotype of the Film Institute

  • Always use the logotype in full. The words may not be separated from the symbol.
  • It is important that the logotype is clear. Use black against white or light background, and white against black or dark background.
  • Align the logotype with the right or left edge of the text area
  • The smallest logotype format is 10 mm width
  • There is a Swedish and an international version of the logotype
  • When the logotype is used in a film's main text (forewords or credits) the following wording is to be used: "The film was produced with funding from the Swedish Film Institute, film commissioner NN."

You can download our logotype on our Graphic profile page: here. You find the English logotypes in the column on the right.

For all matters concerning the Swedish Film Institute's logotype, please contact communications officer, Ida Kjellgren or marketing manager Catherine Jarl.