Barn- och ungdomsverksamhet

Funding for film culture activities for children and young people

The Swedish Film Institute allocates funding to municipalities and schools, the aim being to bring children and young people opportunities for quality film experiences, and for more in-depth knowledge of moving pictures.

Application deadlines

Funding is allocated twice a year. The spring application deadline is March 31 and the autumn deadline is October 15.


The aim is to bring children and young people across Sweden opportunities for quality film experiences, and for more in-depth knowledge of moving pictures.

Who can apply?

Funding may be applied for by municipal administrations, schools or any other organisation that operates on financial support from the local authority.

The funding – general information

This funding may be used for school or leisure activities which involve:

- the development of film-related educational activities

- skills development of school staff

- initiatives that promote individual creativity among children and young people

- cinema screenings of film for children and young people

- exploration of the film heritage 

Funding is awarded for one year at a time, up to three years. Exceptions to the three-year rule may be made for special initiatives. A separate application must be made for each year. If a project receives funding one operating year, this is no guarantee that funding will continue beyond that year.

Applicants must themselves invest at least the amount of funding being sought, and this is to be specified in the application.

How to apply

On this website you can download full guidelines and an application form, which must be completed and submitted by post.

Decision and notification

Regions, Children & Youth is the unit that deals with funding applications. Each application is dealt with by an expert administrator. External reference groups are consulted when considering applications (read more about reference groups).Decisions are made by the Film Institute’s CEO at special decision meetings. Decision meetings are held around two months after the application deadlines. Decision notifications are sent out by post.

Payment and accounting

If an application is accepted, an order will be sent with the decision notification. The order must be signed by the person in charge of the application and returned by post. Once the signed order has been received and registered by the Film Institute, the funds will be paid within a few days up to a maximum of two weeks. However, no funding payments are made in July.

Funding recipients must submit full accounts for the awarded funds within three months of the end of the project period for which funding has been awarded. An accounting form can be downloaded from the right-hand column of this website.