Creative Europe Desk Sweden
Vad är Kreativa Europa?

Welcome to Creative Europe Desk Sweden

Creative Europe Desk Sweden is responsible for informing and advising the professionals in the cultural and creative sector about the policies and programmes of the European Union. We guide professionals to funding opportunities, training programmes and networking possibilities in the framework of the Creative Europe programme.

A Creative Europe Desk and/or Antenna can be found in all countries participating in the programme. You will find a directory here.

For more information about the programme in English please visit the websites of the European Commission for general information or EACEA for specific information regarding the calls.

The Creative Europe programme is divided into two sub-programmes, MEDIA for the audiovisual sector and Culture for all other cultural and creative sectors, as well as a transversal strand covering both sub-programmes.

Creative Europe Desk Sweden, MEDIA Office is your national contact point regarding the funding schemes and other activities offered by the program. We are located in Filmhuset, Stockholm.

You are welcome to contact us at Creative Europe Desk Sweden for any information regarding the programme.