Creative Europe MEDIA

EACEA and the European Commission

The Creative Europe Programme belongs to the European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (CNECT) and administered by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

The European Commission's MEDIA Unit

The Creative Europe sub-programme MEDIA is governed by EU Commissioner Thierry Berton. The European Commission is responsible for political decisions, as well as for the programme budget. They are also responsible for communication and evaluation of the programme.

Thierry Breton


The European Commission's MEDIA unit is led by Lucia Recalde.

Lucia Recalde Langa Rica

At the central policy level is also a Creative Europe committee, which continuously evaluates the results and decides on changes. The Ministry of Culture appoints Sweden's representative in the Committee, composed of representatives of all member countries.

Contact the European Commission's MEDIA unit:

Lucia Recalde, Head of MEDIA unit
European Commission Directorate-General for Communications Networks,
Content and Technology Directorate G - Media & Data Unit G.6 - Media Support Programmes Office Joseph II 70, 1049 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: + 32-2-29 91281

EACEA - Officer in Brussels

Harald Trettenbrein

Harald Trettenbrein
Applications are registered, processed and administered by the Media group within the EACEA, where Harald Trettenbrein is responsible. To help are also expert advisors from each member country participating in the evaluation of the applications. Experts are needed in all the areas MEDIA supports. If you are proficient in one or more of these specific areas, feel free to follow the link below and register your interest. In addition to Creative Europe several other of the EU funding programmes belongs to EACEA.
Contact: Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency
Creative Europe MEDIA
Avenue du Bourget 1 BOUR
BE-1140 Brussels
Visiting adress: Rue Colonel Bourg 135-139, Brussels
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