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Accessible Cinema

Accessible Cinema is an innovation that dramatically increases accessibility to film through audio description and spoken subtitles. In the past the Swedish Film Institute has provided funding for around 150 audio-described screenings per year. Now around 50 films a year will instead be granted funding to produce and process audio tracks.

Providing films with audio tracks will make thousands of screenings available, regardless of time and place. The cinema-goer simply downloads an app along with the relevant film’s audio tracks for audio description and spoken subtitles. This means that the viewer can choose a film without having to consider particular days and times. This is a major step forward in the endeavour to make film available to everybody.

Further information is provided below for everyone involved in the process of making this possible.

Film distributors can obtain funding from the Swedish Film Institute.
A checklist for distributors can be found in the Industry Standard – Accessible Cinema document at the bottom of the page.

Audio track producers are tasked with producing an audio description, recording it and sometimes also the Swedish subtitles.

Post-producers process the audio tracks along with the film’s sound, to create an audio package that is uploaded to make it accessible via the app.

Cinema owners should indicate which films have audio description and spoken subtitles in the film programme (repertoire, schedule, film list or similar). Cinema owners and staff can help spread the message that technology is now available to experience film with audio description and spoken subtitles.
Information films and commercials are available to download under Information films and commercials at the bottom of the page.

Cinema-goers who want to experience a film with audio description and spoken subtitles must have access to a mobile device running iOS or Android (e.g. a smartphone or tablet) with earphones or headphones.

Tomas Johansson

Tomas Johansson

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