Funding from the Swedish Film Institute
Photo: Johannes Helje

Short Film Commissioner Erika Wasserman

As of 16 January 2017 Erika Wasserman is the Short Film Commissioner for the Swedish Film Institute.

Erika Wasserman manages the Stockholm based film production company Idyll together with director Henrik Hellström. She has among other things produced the feature films Burrowing (Man tänker sitt) by Fredrik Wenzel and Henrik Hellström (2009), Avalon by Axel Petersén (2012, co-produced with Jesper Kurlandsky) and the much-awarded The Quiet Roar (2014) directed by Henrik Hellström. Her last production, Under the Pyramid (Under pyramiden) premiered early 2016, and was directed by Axel Petersén.
Erika has also worked in the USA, and was in 2013 picked out by the Film Institute as "Producer on the Move" at the Cannes FIlm Festival.