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Funding areas

The Swedish Film Institute provide funding opportunities in four principal areas across the film eco system. Below are brief descriptions of each area, with a link to a page in Swedish with detailed information about each type of funding. At the bottom of the page you find the relevant contact persons.

Production and development​

Seek funding to develop a screenplay, fund a documentary film, feature film or hybrid film. This funding is aimed at both new and established producers, screen writers and production companies. ​

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Distribution and screening​

We provide funding for new equipment, cinemas, audience analysis as well as distribution and promotion of film in Sweden.​

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International distribution and promotion

We help promoting your film internationally. You can seek funding for promoting and distribution of film through festivals, markets and other cultural or commercial events. ​

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Children's and young people's activities​

If you work with film from a pedagogical angle, you can seek funding for school cinema, working with film in your classroom or for the film courses you provide. We also fund language strengthening initiatives through film.​

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Annelie Juliusson

Annelie Juliusson

Administrator, Production and Development

Phone: +46 8 665 12 32

David Sundqvist Ballester

David Sundquist Ballester

Administrator, Distribution and screening

Phone: 08-86651169

Melissa Jonsson

Administrator, International Distribution

Phone: +46 8 665 11 52