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Hanna Sohlberg
Photo: Joakim Rang Strand

Moving Sweden Hanna Sohlberg

Hanna Sohlberg has been the Swedish Film Institute’s Film Commissioner for Moving Sweden since 15 February 2022.

Born in 1975, Hanna Sohlberg is a graduate of the Cultural Studies Programme at Lund University and has qualifications in screenwriting, mentorship and talent development. Hanna has worked in Sweden’s southern Skåne film region for just over 15 years and has been Film Commissioner at Film i Skåne for eight years. Between 2013 and 2021 she worked in various roles in feature film, including as a process manager, feature film commissioner and project manager.

Since 2015 she has been Head of Talent Development at Film i Skåne, identifying talent and key competencies in the film industry. She works on the regional, national and international level with festivals, film funds, film institutes, TV channels and other networks to develop and strengthen film. She has initiated and run extensive talent programmes for directors, producers and screenwriters.

Hanna was previously a project manager for talent development at the Swedish Film Institute, and carried out a broad mapping and analysis of Swedish talent, which included suggestions for future funding. She has also worked in various roles in major international pitch and talent projects at film festivals such as Cannes and Haugesund, alongside various positions of trust including Vice President of Screen Talent Europe.

Hanna Sohlberg
Film Commissioner Moving Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)8-665 12 75