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Kvinna glasögon närbild
Photo: Björn Runge

Lena Runge

Lena Runge is acting film commissioner for feature films from 20 March 2023 – 12 April 2024.

Lena Runge has a degree in film editing from the Stockholm University of the Arts. She has been editing film, as well as working as a dramaturg for film editing and script writing for 35 years. Lena has also studied film and literary studies and was an assistant professor and lecturer in charge of film editing at the national film schools Valand in Gothenburg and Stockholm's Academy of the Arts. For a total of 15 years, she has mentored students who today are among Sweden’s most renowned filmmakers.

Among Lena's most recent assignments is the editing of Burn All My Letters (Bränn alla mina brev), directed by Björn Runge, the latest film in a long-term collaboration that includes, for example, titles such as The Wife with Glenn Close in the lead role and Daybreak (Om jag vänder mig om), awarded with a Silver Bear.

Over the years, Lena has had several other assignments, for example as a member of the Guldbaggen nomination jury and mentoring participants in the Nordic Lab at the Gothenburg Film Festival.