Produktions- och utvecklingsstöd

Funding from the Swedish Film Institute

The Swedish Film Institute is tasked to encourage Swedish film in a broad context. One of the ways in which this takes place is through support funding in four principal areas. The Institute also provides information on funding within the EU's Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme.

Production and distribution funding

Here on you can find information about funding for producers, box office related funding and automatic production support. Funding for the production of Swedish features, short films and documentaries is administered by the Film Institute's Film Funding department. Distribution & Screening unit within the same department administers funding to distributors, screening organisations, film festivals and cinemas.

Overseas festivals

The Film Institute's International unit works in partnership with producers to provide funding for international launches of current Swedish feature, short and documentary films.

The MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe 

Creative Europe is the EU's support programme for the cultural and creative sectors in Europe, including film, television and interactive media. Swedish Film Institute's MEDIA office guide professionals to funding opportunities, training programmes and networking possibilities in the framework of the Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme.  

Film in schools and regional funding

The Film Institute promotes the schools cinema initiative, film education, and the film-related creativity of children and young people at national, regional and municipal level. This is administered by the Regions, Children & Young People unit.