The Library


The library offers a wide variety of journals, both printed and e-journals. There is technical reading, glossy magazines on the stars and academic journals.

Printed journals

We’re subscribing to approximately 130 journals and 100 of those you’ll find on the shelf just inside the library entrance. If you’re looking for the previous year or older you’ll have to order them from closed stacks. In many cases we have titles stretching over long periods of time without interruptions. Often we’ve made sure to subscribe to journals that have been indexed by reference databases on film. That way you can quickly find relevant articles even if they are not available as e-journals. Journals are read in the library. All printed titles are found searching via Primo.


Except for the e-journals we subscribe to we can offer many titles available in different databases. Wherever the journal is read you’ll find it by searching in Primo. All journals can be read by signing in with your Primo login.