The Library

Lending rules

Register as a patron by completing a registration form.


When you register you acknowledge that you have read the rules stated herein and agree to abide by them and also to keep yourself informed of any changes in this policy. All loans must be registered at the circulation desk. When a borrowed item is returned, the borrower is required to ensure that the loan record is cancelled. Loans on other borrowers behalf requires a power of attorney. The borrower must notify address changes to the library. Borrowers who violate the library rules may be suspended. Library cards are granted only to persons 16 years old or older and residing in Sweden.

Processing of personal data

All personal data is processed according to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Home Loans

The loan period is normally 14 days. For course literature the loan is 7 days. Loans can be extended if no other borrower has reserved the item.

Reading Room Loans

Some items can only be read for use inside the library. Unpublished material may not be copied, not even for strictly private use. Reading room loans are granted only to registered borrowers.


Borrowed items must be handled with care. If a borrowed item is damaged or lost, the borrower, regardless of who is at fault, becomes liable for compensation. Repairs may not be carried out by or at the behest of the borrower. If a lost or damaged part of a larger work, or a single issue of a periodical, cannot be replaced separately, the borrower is required to replace the whole work of the entire volume. The borrower is required to replace the lost or damaged works full value, and is also required to pay the related administrative costs. Damaged items for which the borrower has paid compensation remains the property of the library.