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Deposit by contractual obligation

Why deposit by contractual obligation?

Since Swedish legislation on legal deposit does not cover films in original format, the Swedish Film Institute has since 1981 established a set of regulations for the deposit of preservation elements by contractual obligation from producers receiving subsidies from the Institute. By this arrangement the majority of films produced are preserved for future generations in the best possible condition.

Declaration of deposit by contractual obligation

The Certificate of deposit by contractual obligation that producers have to sign in order to receive full production subsidies from the Swedish Film Institute specifies what type of preservation elements must be deposited with the archive. The declaration also specifies what ancillary elements have to be deposited with the Swedish Film Institute library, such as stills, posters, manuscripts, etc.

In the analogue era the preservation elements could be used to replace damage in original negatives, and could be used as source elements for the making of copies on other carriers. Almost all films are since 2012 are however only distributed as digital copies, and the certificate now includes specifications on the deposit of digital masters and digital viewing copies. The latest version can be downloaded in pdf format below, please contact us for earlier versions.

Declaration of deposit by contractual obligation for distribution subsidies

New regulations for distribution subsidies were issued in November 2016, which enables the Swedish Film Institute to require a deposit of contractual obligation also for films receiving these kinds of subsidies. As of January 1st 2017 a digital distribution element has to be deposited with the archive, as well as certain types of auxiliary material. The Declaration of deposit by contractual obligation for distribution subsidies can be downloaded in pdf format below, as well as the technical specifications.

We accept elements for all films

We are of course happy to acquire analogue preservation and original elements and digital elements on all Swedish film released in cinemas, not only for those films produced with subsidies by the Swedish Film Institute.

Contact us

For questions and further information on deposits by contractual obligation, please contact Per Legelius or Lars Karlsson.
E-mail: sakmat_film@filminstitutet.se (for contractual deposit of digital film elements)
E-mail: sakmat_doku@filminstitutet.se (for contractual deposit of auxiliary material)