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Archival Film Collections

The origins of the Archival Film Collections is Svenska Filmsamfundet (The Swedish Film Society), founded in 1933, making our archive one of the oldest in the world.

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The mission of the Archival Film Collections is to collect, catalogue, preserve and give access to the Swedish film heritage. By the Swedish film heritage is understood all films that either have received financial subsidies from the Swedish Film Institute, or have been theatrically released in Sweden, or have been submitted to the Swedish censorship authorities with the intentions of being theatrically released. This definition includes Swedish as well as foreign films, feature-length and short films, fiction and non-fiction, news-reels, animations, trailers and advertising films.

In our collections we hold 80 000 items on almost 33 000 films.

Learn more about our analogue and digital restorations under Photochemical laboratory and Our digitization, and how to access our collections here.