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The Archival Film Collections of the Swedish Film Institute preserves films in their original format, and on the carrier on which the final version of the film was released.

The archive preserves films on film base, if the final version of the film was produced and released on film base, because

  • film base has a superior life expectancy than other carriers of audiovisual information
  • the possibility of screening the films in the original format is thus also preserved

The archive preserves digitally born films as digital files. Films distributed in tape formats are digitized and preserved as digital files. The Archive does not record digital files onto film base support, since:

  • information will be lost
  • the possibility of making preservation elements on film base will be very limited in the near future
  • the making of viewing elements in original format would involve costly digitization processes

Analogue film

Estimates made by the Image Permanence Institute in Rochester indicate that films on film stock preserved in optimal conditions have an expected life-span of >500 years, whereas the expected life-spans for harddrives (<10 years) and for magnetic tapes and discs (<50 years) are substantially shorter.

Films on film stock are best stored in a dry and cool climate in order to halt any chemical deterioration processes. The films in our collections are stored in specially designed cold-storage vaults with a regulated temperature of between -6ºC and +6ºC, and in a relative humidity of between 25% and 35%. The climate in which we store our films is in accordance with recommendations from the Technical Commission of FIAF, the international federation of film archives. Read more in FIAF Preservation Best Practice.

In our collections we have DigiBeta cassettes and other tapes of films that were never produced or distributed on film. These tapes are stored in archive facilities with a temperature ranging between 15ºC and 18ºC, as are sound mixes and other magnetic elements in our collections.

Digital film

Digital masters and digital viewing material are stored in ISO standard file formats. The files are stored in two geographically separate tape libraries, using different data tape technologies, where they are constantly monitored and copied when necessary.

We only accept digital elements which are un-encrypted, in accordance with international recommendations. Read more in FIAF Recommendation on the deposit and aquisition of D-cinema elements for long term preservation and access (pdf).

For a more detailed account on our preservation and conservation policies, see Policy of the Archival Film Collections of the Swedish Film Institute (pdf).

Nitratkasematt i Grängesberg
Our nitrate collection is preserved in specially designed
coldstorage vaults in Grängesberg. Photo: Olle Johnsson.

Archival Film Collections

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