Accessing the film collections
The Elephant Walk, Marie-Louise Ekman (1979)

Digitized films

The Swedish Film Institute started to digitize films in 2013. Our archival film collections contain 2,500 Swedish feature-length films and 6,700 short films. Each year we digitize new films, and make them available for screenings.

Which films are digitized?

On Svensk Filmdatabas you can search and find all digitized Swedish films under the label "Digitaliserad Film". (Note that it's all in Swedish)

On the English version of Svensk Filmdatabas you can also find all digitized Swedish films with English subtitles under the label "Promoted Film" - "Classics": The Swedish Film Database.

Classics in focus

Each year we choose a handful digitized films that we want to present to an international audience. For these films we can send screeners in advance, and then also help with programming, booking and stills and posters. The films are all available on dcp, and have English subtitles. With the chosen films we hope that they will generate quriousity for more films and film makers from the Swedish film heritage.

In 2018 we have a specific focus on the films of Ingmar Bergman. We have digitized all his films, and we have them available on dcp, with English subtitles, for theatrical screenings. For questions regarding the films of Ingmar Bergman please contact

In 2018 we also promote the following films. Please click on the titles to find out more:

The Phantom Carriage, Victor Sjöström, 1921

Hugo and Josephine, Kjell Grede, 1967

Summer Paradise, Gunnel Lindblom, 1977

The Elephant Walk, Marie-Louise Ekman, 1979

Flight of the Eagle, Jan Troell, 1982

Sacrifice, Andrej Tarkovskij, 1986

Amorosa, Mai Zetterling, 1986

The Secret Friend, Marie-Louise Ekman, 1990