Accessing the film collections
Bröderna Mozart (Suzanne Osten, 1986)
Bröderna Mozart / The Mozart Brothers (Suzanne Osten, 1986). Photo: The Swedish Film Institute.

Accessing the collections – rights holders

Rights holders have access to analogue elements. We charge a handling fee of SEK 600 for any individual title, and an additional SEK 100 for each reel.

When a rights holder wants to access analogue elements from the collections for the making of new elements, the lab facility where the duplication or transfer will be carried out must be approved by the archive, after receiving a completed Facility report (see document at the bottom of the page). When a facility has been approved, the borrower has to sign a Loan agreement wherein the terms of responsibility while the elements are on loan are stipulated.

The handling fee charged for accessing digital elements varies between SEK 1,000-5,000 per film, depending on in which format the film will be delivered.

If an entity other than the film’s producer wants access, the borrower must be able to certify – by contracts or similar documents – that rights have been transferred, or that the borrower acts on behalf of a legitimate rights holder. It is the responsibility of the archive to determine that entities wishing to access elements, or entities which have transferred rights to third parties, actually exist.

Information on our holdings is available via