Accessing the film collections
A woman standing up front towards camera in a tuxedo
Magda Holm as Katja Kock in the film The Girl in Tails by Karin Swanström. Photo: Svensk Filmindustri (SF)

Swedish film heritage at festivals

The Swedish Film Institute restores and digitizes films, to make them available for screenings and other fields of use, in Sweden and all over the world. During the first nine months of 2022, 118 films from the Swedish film heritage have been screened in 33 countries. In November 23 films will be screened and showcased at different venues and festivals in Europe, starting with Nordische Filmtage in Lübeck

Nordische Filmtage in Lübeck (2-6 November) is the only festival in Germany, and the only one on the European continent, which is entirely devoted to the presentation of films from the North and Northeast of Europe. At this year festival it will showcase seven Swedish films in the section ”Dress Diversity and Gender Identities in Scandinavian Cinema (1921-1982)”. All digitized by the Swedish Film Institute. The following films are included in the section:

Girl with Hyacinths (1950) by Hasse Ekman, 3 November
Loving Couples (1964) by Mai Zetterling, 4 November
The Farewell (1982) by Tuija-Maija Niskanen, 4 November
Persona (1966) by Ingmar Bergman, 5 November
The Girl in Tails (1926) by Karin Swanström, 5 November
Long Live Little Märta (1945) by Hasse Ekman, 5 November
More about the Language of Love (1970) by Torgny Wickman, 5 November

Magnus Rosborn, Film archivist at Archival Film Collections at The Swedish Film Institute, will introduce the screenings.   

The newly digitized film Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922) by Benjamin Christensen will continue its worldwide celebrating tour in November and will be showcased in countries such as Great Britain, Spain, Denmark and Northern Ireland. In the series "In Dreams Are Monsters" which is organized by the BFI and the Independent Cinema Office, Häxan will be shown in around 20 locations around the UK during the autumn. The venues are as follow:

The Place in Bedford, 5 November.
Chapter in Cardiff, 5 November.
Filmhouse Cinema in Edinburgh, 21 and 22 November.
Queen’s Film Theatre in Belfast, 24 November.

Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata in Argentina will showcase Häxan twice during their festival, 3-13 November. And the film will also screen in the Silent Sunday series at the Cinematheque in Copenhagen, Denmark, 6 November and at the Cinematheque Paradis in Aarhus, Denmark, 7 November.

More news about the Swedish film heritage in the world in November

Venues, film screenings and dates.

The National Audiovisual Institute in Finland, KAVI, will have a Ruben Östlund retrospective with following screenings:

Involuntary (2001), 1 November
Incident by a Bank (2009) 3 november
Play (2011), 8 and 11 November
Force Majeure (2014), 15 and 17 November.
The Outlaw and His Wife (1918) by Victor Sjöström will also be showcased at Kavi, 29 November.

Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé in Paris, France, will screen Hans kungl. Höghet shinglar (1928) by Ragnar Hyltén-Cavallius, 1 November.

Kino Olympia in Hangö, Finland will show Summer with Monika (1953) by Ingmar Bergman, 4 November.

Frauenfilmreihe Bimovie in München, Germany, will screen The Girl in Tails (1926) by Karin Swanström, 6 and 7 November.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea, will show Brother Carl (1971) by Susan Sontag, 9 November.

European Film Forum SCANORAMA in Vilnius, Lithuania, will screen The Magic Flute (1975) by Ingmar Bergman, 10-20 November.

EnergaCAMERIMAGE Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland, will screen Cries and Whispers (1973) by Ingmar Bergman, 12 November.

Sands Films Studio in London, the UK, will show Sven Klang's Combo (1976) by Stellan Olsson, 15 November.

The film festival Institut Lumière in Lyon, France, will show a selection of the best films under the theme ”Festival Lumière 2022: prolongations!”, among them will be The Girls (1968) by Mai Zetterling, 8 and 15 November and Loving Couples (1964) also by Mai Zetterling, 17 November.

Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé in Paris, France, will screen The Wings (1916) by Mauritz Stiller, 15 and 26 November.

Kinemathek in Hamburg, Germany, will screen Hour of the Wolf (1968) by Ingmar Bergman, 23 November.

Vega Youth Film Club in Oslo, Norway, will screen Persona (1966) by Ingmar Bergman, 23 November.

Cineteca di Bologna, Italy, will screen The Sacrifice (1986) by Andrej Tarkovskij, 25 november.

The Cinematheque in Copenhagen, Denmark, will pay tribute to Sven Nykvist 100th birthday this year with a showcase that starts with a screening of The Sacrifice (1986) by Andrej Tarkovskijt, 24 November.