Film in schools
En flicka tittar på film
Bild: Caroline Eriksson

Film Resource Centres throughout Sweden

The Swedish Film Institute supports educational film work in schools and municipalities across Sweden. There are 19 Regional Film Resource Centres in Sweden that previously received funding from the Swedish Film Institute. Funding for these centres is now included in the ‘collaboration model’.

This means that county/regional authorities receive state funding for regional cultural activities, and they in turn allocate it to different regional cultural bodies, based on a regional cultural plan they have formulated with a wide variety of different stakeholders. Activities at a Regional Film Resource Centre are divided into three main areas.

Film in Education

All the Regional Film Resource Centres increase opportunities for children and young people to experience and create with moving pictures, both at school and in their spare time. At school this relates to initiatives for school cinema screenings, and offering knowledge development for teachers. When it comes to spare time it could be organising regional heats for the November Festival, Sweden’s national arena for young filmmakers. The educational work takes place in close collaboration with the municipalities in the region and the Film Institute.


Regional Film Resource Centres also promote the distribution and screening of film. This may be encouraging a municipal commitment to the cinema, or organising screening tours.

Talent development

The Film Resource Centres provide support for development projects that target young filmmakers. The Regional Film Commissioners also coach filmmakers and lend out technical equipment.

Regional Production Centres

There are also four Regional Production Centres – Filmpool Nord, Film i Skåne, Film i Väst and Filmpool Stockholm-Mälardalen – which receive funding from the Film Institute annually. From the 2013 Film Agreement, the funding focuses on production input in films for children and young people.

The Production Centres act as co-producers, with a rights requirement in the films they help to produce. This also means that all or parts of the film production must take place in the home region, and that local companies and film workers are used. The funding from the Film Institute, however, may only be used for production funding.

School Cinema

School Cinema is a key activity which enables children and young people to see films at their local cinema during school time. This shared cinema experience is a springboard for debate about various life issues, but also about the cinematic language used in films. The Film Institute regularly produces various guides and teaching materials for current films. School Cinema is organised locally by each individual school, cinema or municipal authority, and not by the Film Institute. If you’re wondering whether there’s a contact person for School Cinema in your municipality, please contact

Film distribution

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