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About Dry Grasses by Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Swedish films in Cannes (May 16 – 27)

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Swedish Co-productions 

About Dry Grasses - World Premiere - Competition (TR/FR/DE/SE/QA)

The film follows Samet, a young teacher, who is finishing his fourth year of compulsory service in a remote village in Anatolia. When some events happen to him that he finds difficult to make sense of, he loses his hopes of escaping the grim life he seems to be stuck in. But his meeting with Nuray, herself a teacher, may help him overcome his angst.

Directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Swedish co-producer Second Land / Nadir Öperli, Beata Gårdeler 
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Goodbye Julia -
World Premiere - Un Certain Regard (SD / EG / DE / FR / KSA / SE / NO)

Just before the secession of South Sudan, a married former singer from the north seeks redemption for causing the death of a southern man by hiring his oblivious wife as her maid.

Directed by Mohamed Kordofani
Swedish co-producer Riverflower / Issraa E. Häggström
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The Settlers -
World Premiere - Un Certain Regard (CL/AR/UK/TW/FR/SE/DE)

Chile, beginning of the 20th century. Three horsemen are hired by a rich landowner to mark out the perimeter of his extensive property and open a route to the Atlantic ocean for his sheep. The expedition, composed of a young Chilean half-blood, an American mercenary, and led by a reckless British lieutenant, soon turns into a “civilizing” raid across the vast Patagonia.

Directed by Felipe Gálvez
Swedish co-financier Film i Väst
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