Studies and Statistics

Film statistics

We collect statistics on film consumption in Sweden. You will find data on cinema admissions for films released in Sweden since 1965 in our dynamic statistic tool. Consumption in other screening windows are presented in our publication Facts & Figures.

In our dynamic statistics application you will find admission numbers for films that had a Swedish cinema release between 1965 and 2017. Choose a film title, a production country, a release year, an actor, a director, a screenwriter, a producer, a distribution company or a production company - and you will see a total number of admissions and a top list. The admission figures are presented using Qliksense, a responsive and interactive program that works on all devices.

The application is in Swedish and contain these words:

Filmtitel = Film title
Produktionsland = Production country
Premiärår = Release year
Skådespelare = Cast
Regissör = Director
Manusförfattare = Screenwriter
Producent = Producer
Distributör = Distributor
Produktionsbolag = Production company
Besök = Admissons

Detailed cinema statistics 2001-2016

The detailed cinema statistics are presented with the aid of QlikView, a powerful program that facilitates quick and detailed searches of large amounts of statistical data. This means that you can go beyond the statistics we present on the web page and find the specific information you require. QlikView is a dynamic application in which your previous choices help to shape the menus that appear. The first time you visit one of these pages you will see the cinema statistics for the most recent screening year. If you want to change the page content you can do so via six variables: screening year, screening month, county, title, distributor and production country.