Studies and Statistics

Cinema statistics

Via this website we provide statistics in the form of searchable cinema box office figures.

The cinema statistics are presented with the aid of QlikView, a powerful program that facilitates quick and detailed searches of large amounts of statistical data. This means that you can go beyond the statistics we present on the web page and find the specific information you require. QlikView is a dynamic application in which your previous choices help to shape the menus that appear. The first time you visit one of these pages you will see the cinema statistics for the most recent screening year. If you want to change the page content you can do so via six variables: screening year, screening month, county, title, distributor and production country.

User help

Even though this statistic tool is in Swedish, we hope you'll be able to search out the information you need using the help below. To switch content, click on a variable field and select options from the dropdown menu. The page will then display the cinema statistics you require. You can change the following variables:

Spelår = Screening year
Spelmånad = Screening month
Län = County
Titel = Film title
Distributör = Distributor
Produktionsland = Country of origin.

You can also enter your own search in the "sök" (search) box.

Column headings

Premiärtitel = Swedish premiere title
Besök = Admissions
% = Share of admissions
Intäkter = Gross box office revenue
% = Share of gross box office revenue
Distributör = Distributor
Premiär = Date of release
Ack. besök = Acc. admissions
Produktionsland = Country of origin
Diff. = Difference
Storstäder = Major cities
Marknadsandelar = Market share
Avgiftspliktiga biografer = Levy-bound cinemas
Avgiftsbefriade biografer = Levy-exempt cinemas

Where there are several options in a dropdown menu they are spread across further pages. Click on [>] to scroll forward and [<] to scroll back. To get to the start or end of the menu click on one of the [>>] symbols.

For example, if you click on "Län" (County) and select "Blekinge" you will see cinema statistics for Blekinge county during the specified period. The brackets in the variables field show the selection you have made. Your selection is also shown by a crossed box in the variables field dropdown menu. In addition, you can always view your selections by looking under "Dina val" (Your selections) at the bottom of the page.

Keep the Control button pressed down if you want to make multiple selections in the same variable (e.g. if you want to view cinema statistics for both Blekinge and Kalmar counties).

The Film Institute's cinema statistics are presented dynamically: your previous selections govern the menu contents. The white boxes are the selection criteria which limit your choices further, whereas the grey boxes expand the limits you set previously.

If you want to remove the selections you have made for a variable you can either unmark the selection in question or click on the "Rensa val" (Clear selection) button at the top of the variable dropdown menu. If you want to cancel all the selections you have made for the top films list, click on the "Rensa alla val" (Clear all selections) button.

If you want to know how well a particular film has performed, the simplest way to proceed is to enter the name of the film in the free text search box. You can also use the search box to find countries of origin and distributors.

Top films list

On this page you can see how well films have performed at Swedish cinemas.

When you open the page you will see the current screening year for all films in the whole of Sweden. The films are arranged in descending order, with the film with the most admissions at the top. (If you then click the "Rensa alla val" (Clear all selections) button, it is this top films list you will see.)

The top row of the top films list contains summaries of the statistics you have opted to view.

The "Besök" (Admissions) column shows the number of admissions a film has registered during the selected period. The total number of admissions a film has had since its release appears in the column "Ackumulerade besök"(Accumulated admissions). The film's release date is shown in the next column. When the film's release date falls outside the period covered, the accumulated admissions are also limited to that time period.

If you want to know how well a particular film has performed, the simplest way to proceed is to enter the name of the film in the free text search box. Note that the search function is dynamic. There is no need to confirm your search, just select directly from the menu which appears when you enter something in the search box.