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  1. Jerry Carlsson

    Three quick questions to writer-director Jerry Carlsson

    We caught up with filmmaker Jerry Carlsson, whose new short Successful Thawing of Mr. Moro will have its international premiere in competition at the Toronto Film Festival.

  2. Här har du ditt liv

    Jan Troell & Bo Widerberg retrospective at the Austrian Film Museum

    The Austrian Film Museum in Vienna features an extensive retrospective with the films of writer-directors Jan Troell and Bo Widerberg. Jon Wengström of the Swedish Film Institute will introduce four of the screenings.

  3. Olivier Guerpillon

    Three quick questions to Olivier Guerpillon – director/producer with two films screening in Venice

    Olivier Guerpillon has no less than four films being released this year. He’s currently off to Venice with two of them: Costa Brava Lebanon by Mounia Akl, and Isolation. He co-produced both films, and in the latter he directed one segment of the anthology film which also has contributions from Michael Winterbottom and others.

  4. Pensionerat danskompani

    Stop-motion, young stand-up and coming of old age

    Nyheter om svensk film Produktionsstöd

    In Comedy Queen, young Sasha wants to be a stand-up comedian. Documentary Calendar Girls follows Florida’s most dedicated dance team for women over 60. Bullets is a drama-thriller in the style of French ‘cinema de banlieue’, and sisters Anna and Maria von Hausswolff collaborate in Resorts. Read all about the total of 41 projects that have recently received funding.

  5. Nima Yousefi

    Nima Yousefi – Producer on the Move 2021

    International Department

    The Swedish Film Institute and EFP (European Film Promotion) have appointed Nima Yousefi to represent Sweden in the 2021 edition of Producers on the Move.

  6. Children of the Enemy

    Five Swedish films selected for CPH:DOX

    Five Swedish films and a Swedish minority co-production have been selected to compete at CPH:DOX, one of the world's leading documentary film festivals. Three of them – Children of the Enemy by Gorki Glaser-Müller, Gabi, Between Ages 8 and 13 by Engeli Broberg and Passion by Maja Borg – are in competition for the festival's main prize, Dox:Award.

  7. Gustav Lindh

    Gustav Lindh: Shooting Star 2021

    International Department

    Actor Gustav Lindh, selected as Rising Star at the 2017 Stockholm International Film Festival and the winner of Bodil – Denmark’s National Film Award – for his role in Queen of Hearts, is the actor everyone talks about. Recently he was selected by The European Film Promotion as one of this year’s Shooting Stars, among nine other promising European actors. In the middle of his hectic schedule during the Shooting Stars programme, we managed to get an interview with him. 

  8. Sundance Studio

    See the Q&A's with the Swedish filmmakers selected for Sundance

    Nyheter om svensk film

    This year's digital edition of the Sundance Film Festival featured online Q&A's with the Swedish filmmakers selected for the festival. These were recorded at the Sundance Studio in Filmhuset in Stockholm, HQ of the Swedish Film Institute, and are now available for all to see.

  9. Still from the film Arica

    Arica and Bitter Love screening at IDFA

    Nyheter om svensk film International Department

    Two new Swedish documentaries, Arica and Bitter Love, have been chosen for this year’s IDFA (International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam) which runs until December 6.

  10. A new 35mm print of Erotikon (Mauritz Stiller, 1920), with authentically applied tints, is screened at this year’s edition of Il cinema ritrovato in Bologna (August 25-31).

    Short films and Stiller classic at Il cinema ritrovato

    Filmarkivet Filminstitutet

    At this year’s edition of Il cinema ritrovato in Bologna (August 25-31), the Swedish Film Institute will present its new 35mm print of Mauritz Stiller’s Erotikon (1920), screened in the section Cento anni fà.

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