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  1. Ung tjej i keps

    New films by Moodysson, Gandini and Eklöf

    Nyheter om svensk film Marknadsstöd Produktionsstöd

    Production funding in June is packed with major internationally successful names from the Swedish film world, in both fiction and documentary. Lukas Moodysson, Ellen Fiske, Erik Gandini, Isabella Eklöf and Daniel Espinosa can all be found among the 25 projects to be granted production and market funding.

  2. mario_adamson_webb.jpg

    Interview with producer Mario Adamson

    Mario Adamson is a producer at Stockholm-based Sisyfos Film. He is soon off to Cannes with two films: How to save a Dead Friend and co-production Butterfly Vision. We had the opportunity to chat with Mario – about Cannes, about working across borders, and how his work has been affected by the war in Ukraine.

  3. mimmi_spång_webb.jpg

    Interview with producer Mimmi Spång

    Times are busy for producer Mimmi Spång at Garagefilm. She is the Swedish co-producer of two films that have been selected for the Cannes Film Festival: Sick of Myself by Norwegian Kristoffer Borgli, and Godland by Hlynur Pálmason of Iceland, both screening in the Un Certain Regard section. We had a chance to chat to Mimmi – about Cannes, how she chooses her projects, and about having her own film festival.

  4. Tecknad björnflicka rider på groda

    Relationships, growing up and magic juice

    Nyheter om svensk film Produktionsstöd

    The world’s strongest bear is back in Bamse and the World’s Smallest Adventure. The documentary The Dear John Letter looks at self-destructive behaviours with drugs in the formative years. The short film The Remains of Roma looks at the difficulty for women to ‘deliver’. Funding has also been granted to seven talent programmes to ensure regrowth in Swedish film. These are just some of the latest funding projects.

  5. NNDirectorMagnusGerttenCopyrightAutoImagesPhotoCarolineTroedsson.jpg

    Interview with director Magnus Gertten - Nelly & Nadine takes on Toronto

    It all starts in the harbour of Malmö in 1945 and a group of war-ridden women, taking their first steps into freedom. After having documented their stories in two features, filmmaker Magnus Gertten had decided that his work was done. Little did he know that a two second-shot would result in a third instalment, the multilayered journey of Nelly & Nadine.

  6. 2 cheerleaders i luften

    Hunting and cheerleading

    Nyheter om svensk film Produktionsstöd

    Sarah Gyllenstierna, former assistant director to Spike Lee, directs Jakt på ett vitt fält (English title tba) about three men obsessed with hunting. Power Jaguars is a documentary about cheerleading and female friendship directed by Jessica and Annika Karlsson (Crystal Bear nominated Loving Lorna). The short film Vernissage is a drama satire by Arvin Kananian (soon to be seen in the cast of Ruben Östlund’s Triangle of Sadness). These are just some of the latest projects to be granted production funding.

  7. Anette Novak

    Anette Novak takes office as new CEO of the Swedish Film Institute

    Today, Anette Novak takes over as the new CEO of the Swedish Film Institute.

  8. Sanna Lenken

    Cops, covid and comedy queens – the hardworking life of Sanna Lenken

    Since her 2015 breakthrough debut My Skinny Sister got the top Berlin youth award, Sanna Lenken has managed to free herself of the “children film director” identity via her acclaimed work on the crime series Thin Blue Line. Despite this very successful transition, she’s not quite done with her complex portraits of young girls, as is clearly evident in her second feature Comedy Queen – and again getting yet another Berlin top prize in the process.

  9. Halvbild, flicka i kofta

    Werewolves, swans and miners’ strikes

    Marknadsstöd Produktionsstöd

    Nelly Rapp returns in a new adventure with trolls and werewolves. Short films vary from surrealist stories about death and sickness to documentaries on friendships at a strip club, as well as a woman’s love of swans. These are just some of the latest projects to be granted production and market funding.

  10. Ukrainas flagga

    The Swedish Film Institute's view on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

    It is with deeply felt dismay and horror we at the Swedish Film Institute follow the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are filled with compassion, a feeling of powerlessness and grief for the millions of people that are now forced to flee from the war, that have lost relatives and friends and have had their very existence shattered because of the Russian state’s unjust aggression and invasion.

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