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  1. Ung kvinna och ung man i säng

    Skateboards, synth pop and Stellan Skarsgård

    Stellan Skarsgård voices animated children’s film, Fredrik Gertten makes documentary on social contracts, and 1980s Sweden features in films about synth-pop dreams and skate culture. These are just some of the in total 53 Swedish projects to be granted production funding.

  2. Ruben Östlund holding a Guldbagge Award

    Triangle of Oscars

    The Oscars are out – and Triangle of Sadness by Ruben Östlund has been nominated in no less than three categories: Best Film, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

  3. Comedy Queen, Triangle of Sadness, Nelly & Nadine, Boy from Heaven,

    Room for sensation: Sweden’s year in film 2022

    A lively Nordic boom, top awards by the score, yet another Palme d’Or, international box office hits, Oscar shortlistings, emerging new auteurs… All of it happening right now, in Sweden. Through rear-view mirrors as well as future lenses, well-travelled critic-observer Jan Lumholdt takes a look at this year’s significant success, posing the question: are things getting set up for a new peak period?

  4. Triangle of Sadness at EFA

    Triangle of Sadness scores big at the European Film Awards

    Triangle of Sadness, written and directed by Ruben Östlund, dominated the 35th European Film Awards on December 10.

  5. Book cover

    Swedish Biograph and The Springtime of life


    Welcome to listen to Jan Olsson talk about his new book The Life and Afterlife of Swedish Biograph. The film company Svenska Biografteatern was central to the early Swedish success with directors such as Victor Sjöström and Mauritz Stiller. But the history of the company is far more than it’s directors. The talk is followed by a screening of The Springtime of life, with live piano.

  6. Häxan

    Woldwide success for Häxan!

    Torture chambers. Possessed nuns. Babies being sacrificed. A devil being played by the director himself. The cult classic and newly digitized silent film Häxan is directed by Benjamin Christensen and continues to thrive in cinemas worldwide. This year the movie also turns a hundred years old.

  7. Anette Novak

    Anette Novak boards EIT Culture & Creativity

    Anette Novak, CEO of the Swedish Film Institute, has been appointed as a member of the interim Constituting Supervisory Board of EIT Culture & Creativity, a body of the European Union.

  8. His Majesty the Barber

    His Majesty the Barber in Pordenone

    This year's edition of the world's leading silent film festival, Le giornate del cinema muto, starts in Italy's Pordenone on October 1st. Among the films in the program is the rarely screened 1928 Swedish-German feature film comedy His Majesty the Barber directed by Ragnar Hyltén-Cavallius.

  9. Ung tjej i keps

    New films by Moodysson, Gandini and Eklöf

    Nyheter om svensk film Marknadsstöd Produktionsstöd

    Production funding in June is packed with major internationally successful names from the Swedish film world, in both fiction and documentary. Lukas Moodysson, Ellen Fiske, Erik Gandini, Isabella Eklöf and Daniel Espinosa can all be found among the 25 projects to be granted production and market funding.

  10. mario_adamson_webb.jpg

    Interview with producer Mario Adamson

    Mario Adamson is a producer at Stockholm-based Sisyfos Film. He is soon off to Cannes with two films: How to save a Dead Friend and co-production Butterfly Vision. We had the opportunity to chat with Mario – about Cannes, about working across borders, and how his work has been affected by the war in Ukraine.

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