Don Juan by Jerzy Sladkowski © Ginestra Film AB

Don Juan receives IDFA award

International Department

Don Juan by Jerzy Sladkowski receives the VPRO IDFA Award for Best Feature-length Documentary.

IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam) is one of the largest and most prestigious documentary film festivals in the world.

Don Juan is a portrait of 22-year old Oleg, and his mother Marina’s attempts to cure him of his lethargy.

Jury statement:

"This tender, bittersweet tragicomedy about role-playing within both therapeutic theatre games and family dramas, and the interplay between them, is both subtle and aggressive, speaking volumes about the definitions of normality, abnormality and the dynamics of power and love. The director's sensitive look is combined with emphatic cinematography and delicate editing, creating a work which can now be called a classic of the documentary cinema”.

Don Juan has been produced with support from the Swedish Film Institute, Film Commissioner Cecilia Lidin.