From A Man Called Ove Photo: Nordisk Film

Ove in the USA

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The major Swedish domestic box office hit A Man Called Ove (En man som heter Ove) opened in American movie theatres on Friday September 30. The film premiered in more than 10 theatres on the first day and in as many as 110 across the country, over the next two months.

Several US critics have expressed their views on why the film works so well:

"It's a heartwarming tale about a stubborn, short-tempered man with steadfast beliefs, strict routines and the feeling that everyone around him is an idiot - and no reticence about telling them so." Variety

"Incorporating fluid flashbacks and snippets of narration that refreshingly serve to enhance rather than distract, director-writer Hannes Holm maintains a gentle, lyrical flow while coaxing fine performances from a diverse cast." Los Angeles Times

"A Man Called Ove - preaching tolerant togetherness as the key to happiness - earns its sentimentality by striking a delicate balance between barking-mad comedy and syrupy melodrama." The Village Voice

"Ove is a rare spiteful-curmudgeon-meets-new-neighbors fable that finds the measure of spite and sugar." Newcity Film, Chicago

"Holm’s adaptation is a darkly funny, tragic, and ultimately heartwarming tearjerker about the life of one lonely but extraordinary man." Entertainment Weekly

"He (Ove) and the film grow on you as Ove’s story unfolds and have you completely enthralled by the movie’s end." The Huffington Post

The film is directed by Hannes Holm and produced by Annica Bellander and Nicklas Wikstrom Nicastro, with automatic funding from the Swedish Film Institute.

A Man Called Ove is this year's Swedish submission for best foreign-language Oscar consideration.