Photo: Nordisk Film

Up In The Sky awarded Children's Film of the Year

Every year The ECFA (European Children's Film Association) selects one film for the award Best Children's Film of the Year and the award for 2018 went to the Swedish film Up In The Sky by Petter Lennstrand.

The ECFA Award was elected from a shortlist of films, nominated throughout 2017 in several European children & youth film festivals. The final election was open for all 120 ECFA members.

It is worth noting that Up In The Sky was nominated at four festivals, which is more than any other film on the children's film curcuit. The four festivals were Zlin, Bucharest, Oulu och Tallinn.

Up In The Sky is directed by Petter Lennstrand, who also wrote the script, together with Martin Olczak. The film is produced by Lars Jönsson at Memfis Film Rights and distributed by Nordisk Film.