Amateurs - Photo: Tobias Henriksson

Swedish VR film and award winning director to Tribeca

Gabriela Pichler’s second feature Amateurs will have its North American premiere and is competing in the category International Narrative Competition at Tribeca.

The four screenings of Amateurs at Tribeca were quickly sold out, resulting in an extra screening being added to accommodate the huge interest in the film.

When the German supermarket chain Superbilly reveals plans to open a new location in Sweden, the community board of Lafors devises a scheme to convince the business to set up shop in their quaint hamlet and, hopefully, revitalize the local economy. Their idea: to make a promotional video showcasing the best their town has to offer. Hoping for a fresh—and cost-effective—solution, the board puts video production duties in the hands of a few local high school students.

Gabriela Pichler’s Amateurs won the Dragon Award Best Nordic Film at the Gothenburg International Film Festival. Her first feature, Eat Sleep Die, premiered at the Venice Film Festival and won the Audience Award at the festival’s Film Critics’ Week. 

In addition, the Swedish VR short 02:09 will also be premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in Cinema360: Horizons, a new addition to the category Tribeca Immersive.

In three minutes, the world will end. The rich have already left Earth for the New Colonies; those who couldn’t afford private shuttles into orbit remain stranded, like the now-worthless banknotes on the streets. A couple wait together on a rooftop, contemplating their fate, while, in front of them, the last human refugees leave the planet before it is too late.

The film is written and directed by Svante Fjaestad and is his directorial debut. It stars Xie Hong as the woman and Chen Dong Hong as the man. 

Tribeca Film Festival takes place 18-29th of April.