Sundance Studio

See the Q&A's with the Swedish filmmakers selected for Sundance

Nyheter om svensk film

This year's digital edition of the Sundance Film Festival featured online Q&A's with the Swedish filmmakers selected for the festival. These were recorded at the Sundance Studio in Filmhuset in Stockholm, HQ of the Swedish Film Institute, and are now available for all to see.

Sabaya (documentary) – winner of Best Director, World Cinema Documentary

Q&A with director and producer Hogir Hirori, producer Antonio Russo Merenda, and interpreter (also translator for the film) Hanna Valenta

Pleasure (feature)
Q&A with director and writer Ninja Thyberg, and actress Sofia Kappel

The Most Beautiful Boy in the World (documentary)
Q&A with directors Kristian Petri and Kristina Lindström

Knocking (feature)
Q&A with director Frida Kempff, actress Cecilia Milocco, producer Erik Andersson, and director of photography Hannes Krantz

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For further info, please contact Theo Tsappos, Festival Manager at the Swedish Film Institute:, +46 76 779 11 33.