Här har du ditt liv
Here is Your Life. Photo © AB Svensk Filmindustri

Jan Troell & Bo Widerberg retrospective at the Austrian Film Museum

The Austrian Film Museum in Vienna features an extensive retrospective with the films of writer-directors Jan Troell and Bo Widerberg. Jon Wengström of the Swedish Film Institute will introduce four of the screenings.

Together, Bo Widerberg (1930–1997) and Jan Troell (b. 1931) ushered in the dawn of modern Swedish cinema. Starting out in the early 1960s, over the next decades they found worldwide success with critics and audiences alike with award-winning classics such as Elvira Madigan (1967) by Widerberg and The Emigrants (1971) by Troell. The two writer-directors have five Oscar nominations between them.

In total, 37 films will screen, all but one on loan from the archives of the Swedish Film Institute: new digital restorations and earlier analogue restorations as well as vintage prints (16 and 35mm) in good condition.

Jon Wengström, Senior Curator of Archival Film Collections at the Swedish Film Institute, will be present to introduce four films: Bo Widerberg's The Pram (1963) – where Troell was DP – and Joe Hill (1971), Jan Troell's Here Is Your Life (1966) and The Flight of the Eagle (1982). The latter and Joe Hill have been digitally restored by the Swedish Film Institute, and Jon Wengström will also talk about the restoration work.

The retrospective also contains lesser-known titles such as Troell’s short film Interlude in the Marshland (1965, starring Max von Sydow); joint venture The Boy and The Kite (1962) and Troell’s Warner Bros film Zandy's Bride (1974), shot in the US and starring Liv Ullmann and Gene Hackman.

The retrospective runs September 9 – October 20.