Ukrainas flagga

The Swedish Film Institute's view on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

It is with deeply felt dismay and horror we at the Swedish Film Institute follow the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are filled with compassion, a feeling of powerlessness and grief for the millions of people that are now forced to flee from the war, that have lost relatives and friends and have had their very existence shattered because of the Russian state’s unjust aggression and invasion.

The Swedish Film Institute, which has an extensive international mission when it comes to, for instance, support and film heritage, immediately discontinues all ongoing cooperation with publicly financed institutions, organisations and companies in Russia and Belarus. At the same time we have a mission to support freedom of speech and the public conversation. We will therefore maintain dialogue with and support individuals and organisations active in the field of culture – obviously in Ukraine, but also in Russia and Belarus – that, like the Swedish Film Institute, cherish democracy, freedom of speech and the equality of all human beings.