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  1. två män och en kvinna i samtal

    Tarik Saleh, Amanda Kernell and new Swedish horror

    Produktionsstöd Produktionsstöd

    Swedish international big names Tarik Saleh and Amanda Kernell receive production funding from the Swedish Film Institute. Funding also goes to Johannes Nyholm, Göran Hugo Olsson, Lisa Langseth, Ester Martin Bergsmark, a horror film about dementia and a project for the Venice Biennale. And much more.

  2. kvinna i mörker

    Whistleblowers, heists and internet


    New films from Ella Lemhagen, Patrik Eklund, Simon Klose and Nahid Persson Sarvestani - this and much more among a total of 42 projects that have been granted funding.

  3. Långhåring med röd bakgrund

    Sci-fi, queer and WW2

    Nyheter om svensk film Produktionsstöd

    Klaus Härö shoots Nie Allein, a hidden story from the Second World War. The short documentary Leila by Fariba Haidari follows a transgender teacher in Afghanistan. The documentary Labor by Tove Pils is set among sex workers in San Francisco’s queer community, and Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja do sci-fi in The Egghead Republic. These are just some of the latest projects to be granted funding.

  4. Ung tjej i keps

    New films by Moodysson, Gandini and Eklöf

    Nyheter om svensk film Marknadsstöd Produktionsstöd

    Production funding in June is packed with major internationally successful names from the Swedish film world, in both fiction and documentary. Lukas Moodysson, Ellen Fiske, Erik Gandini, Isabella Eklöf and Daniel Espinosa can all be found among the 25 projects to be granted production and market funding.

  5. Tecknad björnflicka rider på groda

    Relationships, growing up and magic juice

    Nyheter om svensk film Produktionsstöd

    The world’s strongest bear is back in Bamse and the World’s Smallest Adventure. The documentary The Dear John Letter looks at self-destructive behaviours with drugs in the formative years. The short film The Remains of Roma looks at the difficulty for women to ‘deliver’. Funding has also been granted to seven talent programmes to ensure regrowth in Swedish film. These are just some of the latest funding projects.

  6. 2 cheerleaders i luften

    Hunting and cheerleading

    Nyheter om svensk film Produktionsstöd

    Sarah Gyllenstierna, former assistant director to Spike Lee, directs Jakt på ett vitt fält (English title tba) about three men obsessed with hunting. Power Jaguars is a documentary about cheerleading and female friendship directed by Jessica and Annika Karlsson (Crystal Bear nominated Loving Lorna). The short film Vernissage is a drama satire by Arvin Kananian (soon to be seen in the cast of Ruben Östlund’s Triangle of Sadness). These are just some of the latest projects to be granted production funding.

  7. Halvbild, flicka i kofta

    Werewolves, swans and miners’ strikes

    Marknadsstöd Produktionsstöd

    Nelly Rapp returns in a new adventure with trolls and werewolves. Short films vary from surrealist stories about death and sickness to documentaries on friendships at a strip club, as well as a woman’s love of swans. These are just some of the latest projects to be granted production and market funding.

  8. Närbild tjej som kramas

    UFOs, MMA and Mediterranean film noir

    Nyheter om svensk film Produktionsstöd

    Daughters is Jenifer Malmqvist’s feature film debut about three sisters mourning their mother. Axel Petersén returns with From Malta to Oblivion about online gaming. Björn Runge (The Wife) directs Burn All My Letters, a love story across generations. Ahmed Abdullahi (The Martyr) directs Amina, about a MMA fighting mother.

  9. Pensionerat danskompani

    Stop-motion, young stand-up and coming of old age

    Nyheter om svensk film Produktionsstöd

    In Comedy Queen, young Sasha wants to be a stand-up comedian. Documentary Calendar Girls follows Florida’s most dedicated dance team for women over 60. Bullets is a drama-thriller in the style of French ‘cinema de banlieue’, and sisters Anna and Maria von Hausswolff collaborate in Resorts. Read all about the total of 41 projects that have recently received funding.

  10. Kvinnor och män vid soffgrupp

    Romcoms for youngsters and doc about surrogate mothers in California

    Nyheter om svensk film Produktionsstöd

    The latest projects to be granted funding by the Swedish Film Institute include comedy and romance for young people, a kidnapping drama in Sinai, a deportation study from Auschwitz and a documentary about being a surrogate mother. And more.

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