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  1. En man skriver

    The Library to open August 17


    We welcome visitors starting August 17. Due to Covid-19 our reading spaces will be limited, and we ask everybody to keep your distance and avoid queuing.

  2. Filmhusets fasad

    New library system in December


    December 10 the library will change from our old library system to a more modern version. The work with implementing the new system has been our main task these last six months, and we’re happy to be close to the finish line.

  3. Screen epiphanies


    In Screen epiphanies filmmakers tell us what film was their filmic revelation. Share their experiences and check out the films.

  4. Magazines for sale


    Soviet film or Who's who in Hollywood? Sight & sound or Prèsence du Cinéma? They're yours for a small sum.

  5. Christine Vachon visits Drömfabriken


    The american producer Christine Vachon visits the inspirational weekend Drömfabriken. Take the opportunity to read her books and what's been written about her.

  6. Library on the road


    The Library's temporary branch during the Gothenburg Film Festival spreads the message - you don't have to live in Stockholm to take our books home!

  7. Italian horror on DVD


    Five horror movies in the Italian giallo genre has been released on DVD. Swedish publishers Njutafilms has released four and Studio S two versions of Dario Argento's Profondo Rosso. The movies are all available in the Library.

  8. Project Muse


    You can now access the database Project Muse - Humanities Collection in the Library.

  9. An introduction to Synecdoche, New York


    The introduction to the script for Synecdoche, New York is a little masterpiece in its own genre.

  10. Film international on Sweden


    Swedish film policy and americanization, blockbuster and cinematic sex education, the screen male and TV series. All in the latest issue of Film internationals view on Swedish cinema.

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