Author Taiye Selasi visited Filmrummet in 2014. Photo: Christopher Mair

About Filmrummet

The Swedish Film Institute's Filmrummet (“The Film Room”) is a series of seminars, workshops and talks, held at the Film House in Stockholm and at other locations in Sweden. Our ambition is to be a creative meeting place for discussions, dynamic controversy and a forum for explorative processes surrounding film, film policy and cinematic arts.

Most of the talks and seminars are in Swedish, but we often invite guests from other countries, in which case the prefered language is English.

Every minute, some 60 hours of moving pictures are uploaded onto YouTube. In the same time cinema tickets worth around 60 thousand euros are sold worldwide, while people are spending an average of 190 minutes a day consuming television. The global film sphere is like a gigantic power station, processing reality in some way with moving pictures. And moving pictures have a tremendous influence on the individual’s perception of reality, and on how we think about and remember history, politics and the world.

So whoever owns the right to influence the production and distribution of film, has a massive amount of power and great responsibility. But what actually is film and who controls this sphere of power? Who makes the decisions and with what agenda? Which pictures get shown, and which stories are never told? Who is behind the camera, and who in front? There is a great need to formulate and discuss questions about the status of and the conditions for moving pictures in our modern age.

Filmrummet is open to everyone who works in film, and anyone who feels a desire to be on board.

We look forward to seeing you!