Still from Ola Waagen's Inside Fur (Pels) Piraya Film.

Braving the Storm

Making sure that documentaries that are provocative, challenging and controversial reach their audience, have an impact and inspire democratic dialogue.

Film makers work and live in an environment where they are allowed to go beyond the norm and challenge their viewers, through creative and politically driven documentary films. But how can we assure that the films get seen and financed, when they create strong reactions, controversy, conflicts and potential legal repercussions?

What happens when there is pressure from stakeholders regarding the distribution of a film? What are the backers’ reactions when there are threats with legal implications? What are the requirements in different distribution channels regarding the journalistic and legal standards for showing something that could cause “problems”? How can these difficult situations be used to create stronger impact?

Guests: Helle Hansen, Danish FiIm Institute, Christoffer Guldbrandsen, The WHY Foundation, Axel Arnö, Swedish Television, Andreas Kofoed, director, Bjarte Møner Tveit, Piraya Film, Miriam Nørgaard, Fridthjof Film. 
Moderator: Klara Grunning-Harris, Documentary film commissioner at The Swedish Film Institute. 

The session will be held in English and includes time for Q&A.

WHEN: Sun 20 Sep, 5.00 pm – 6.15 pm.
WHERE: Panora 2, Cinema Panora Friisgatan 19 D, Malmö Sweden
No admission, festival pass is not required