Insights and WIP – Successful Marketing Strategies

Filmrummet was at The Financing Forum for Kids Content in Malmö, Sweden. Feature film commissioner Magdalena Jangard and Kristina Börjeson, head of distribution and screening at The Swedish Film Institute, talked about successful launches and distribution on the Swedish market.

En bild ur Siv Sleeps Astray, Snowcloud Films AB

Siv Sleeps Astray, Snowcloud Films AB
Siv Sleeps Astray is a live action film for children aged 4-7, based on a book by Pija Lindenbaum. Producer Petter Lindblad, Snowcloud Films, and Karin Quinn, co-founder of BABO, Barnfilmsbolaget, gave a W.I.P and presented their marketing strategy.

Film Distributor NonStop Entertainment, Young Sophie Bell among other titles, presented their insights on the film market for teens and young adults. 

Moderator: Paul Tyler

Tuesday March 10th
HIPP Kalendergatan 12 Malmö